About Us

Maxcure Hospitals Madhapur: 
  With a legacy of excellence in multisuper specialty healthcare, Maxcure Hospitals, now extends its services to Madhapur, Hyderabad. Presenting Maxcure Hospitals. Located in the heart of the IT corridor, a first-of-its-kind institute that brings uniform expertise in all areas of medicine under one roof with a multi-disciplinary approach, unmatched care and support.
Extending Maxcure Hospitals patient-first philosophy, Maxcure Hospitals is a 2,00,000 sft., 200-bed hospital offering the best of infrastructure in a caring and accessible environment.
The institute has been successful in bringing together renowned names in all the areas of medicine under a single umbrella, so that patients don’t have to travel from one hospital to another chasing specialist doctors in various medical disciplines.
Our Vision:
To offer qualitative and comprehensive clinical services in a patient friendly environment focused on evidence based medicine, safety, excellence, dignity and transparency.
Our Mission:
* Compassion
* Teamwork
* Transparency
* Process-driven

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