Hyderabad May Reach Extreme Temperatures In This Summer

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It is expected that heat waves will become more common in Hyderabad and it may raise up to 47°C in summer because of rising global temperature.

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Physical and Mental Effects of Depression

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Depression affects one in three people at some time in their life. It is a mood disorder that affects the way an individual thinks.

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Prostate Cancer Deaths Can Be Prevented By Regular MRI Scans

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Prostate Cancer is a disease which commonly affects men. It can be ruled out with a simple MRI scan and prevent one in four men by doing regular checkup.

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6 Beauty Trends That Are Extremely Dangerous To Health

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Women go through a lot in the name of #fashion and #beauty but they are extremely dangerous to #health.

Here are 6 popular beauty trends that you didn’t know are actually dangerous: http://bit.ly/2n1yoda

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World Tuberculosis Day And Things To Know About TB

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On this World Tuberculosis Day let’s pledge to eliminate this curable disease from the World by spreading awareness among the people.

Learn all about tuberculosis: http://bit.ly/2obKtxz

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Effects Of Anabolic Steroids On Your Health

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Health Advantages Of Lemon Juice In Summer

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Drinking lemon juice regularly boosts your metabolism and assists your digestive organs to remove toxics and dirt from your stomach faster.It gives the body a chance to absorb the vitamins effectively

Find out the health benefits of lemon juice:

Cardiovascular Disease And Its Symptoms

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#Cardiovascular Disease and its Symptoms:

The very first thought comes to our minds when we hear about heart disease is “Heart Attack”. It is true that heart attacks are most common among heart diseases in people, but it is not only the one people can get…

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Unknown Facts & Side Effects About Ibuprofen

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What do you do if you get fever or suffer from pains like headache or toothache or back pain? Do you consult a doctor or do you take a pain killer?

Unknown Facts & Side Effects About Ibuprofen: http://bit.ly/2n02orF

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Stay Healthy and Cool This Summer!!!

Summers can sap your energy and leave you feeling tired and exhausted. Here’s how to stay healthy and productive during these months.

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