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Protect Yourself From The Sun Stroke

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Heatstroke is the most serious form of heat-related illness and will become a medical emergency.
This summer protect yourself from the Sun stroke by following some simple tips:


Pancreatitis Symptoms and Treatment

Pancreatitis simply means inflammation of the pancreas. Pancreatitis can be acute or chronic.
Read more about pancreatitis symptoms and treatment:
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Drinking more water to shed calories

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Drinking more water reduces sugar, sodium and saturated fat intake. For people who want to control their weight or reduce their intakes of sugar, sodium and saturated fat, water may be just what the doctor may suggest

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Regular Exercise For Healthy Heart

Regular Exercise is the single most important key for healthy heart. It is Free
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When do you know you are suffering from TATT?


People who spend prolonged hours working on computers or watching TV are likely to suffer from TATT (Tired All The Time) syndrome.

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When do you know you are suffering from TATT?

TATT is not about the feeling of tiredness. It is about a host of other symptoms. Ask yourself if you have been:
– Experiencing a lack of energy.
– Feeling sleepy throughout the day.
– Experiencing a loss of motivation.
– Suffering from poor concentration.
– Having difficulty making decisions.
– Experiencing difficulty in carrying out daily tasks.
– Feeling depressed without any reason.

All this may indicate a possibility of you suffering from something called, Tired All The Time syndrome. It is similar to chronic fatigue syndrome.

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Post Pregnancy Problems

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Post Pregnancy Problems

In this postpartum period, which begins immediately after delivery, your body will heal from childbirth, rebuild its strength and begin to regain its Pre Pregnancy.

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World Kidney Week

“MaxCure Hospitals makes a step forward to make global health awareness campaign focusing on reducing the frequency and impact of kidney associated health problems”

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Grand inauguration of our new facility in Karimnagar

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Grand inauguration of our new facility in Karimnagar
by Sri Etela Rajender Garu
Hon’ble Finance Minister, TRS Party, Government of Telangana

Guest of Honour:
Sri Koppula eshwar Garu Govt. WHIP
Sri Gangula Kamalakar Garu MLA, Karimnagar
Sri Putta Madhu Garu MLA, Manthini
Smt. Bodiga Shoba Galanna Garu MLA, Chopadandi
Date: 27th February, 2016 (Friday)
Time: 11:30 AM
Venue: MaxCure Hospitals, Old Employment Office Road, Christian Colony, Behind Civil Hospital

Thyroid Screening Camp at MaxCure Hospitals

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Package Includes: Thyroid Profile | FBS | Consultation with Endocrinologist

Package Cost: Rs.400/- Only

Date: 5th – 28th February, 2016
Time: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Venue: MaxCure Hospitals,Secretariat

For appointments
Contact: 8008 705 601

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10 Tips for Healthy Eating

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10 Tips for Healthy Eating, Click to read